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Courage to Shoot Differently

“What you experienced” photos rather than “I’ve been there” evidence

Each trip you take is a singular story. It’s not a set of photo check-ins.

Every day of your trip brims over with new experiences and impressions. You deserve to relive these incredible moments.

Stop doing photo check-ins

Shoot reflections of “what you experienced” rather than collecting a pile of “I’ve been there” evidence.

Start shooting “what I experienced” photos

Your photos should convey the depth of emotions you felt during your journey.

  • This photo was taken on the beach in Miami. A huge flock of seagulls flew over our heads when we opened the box of pizza that we’d ordered. I’ll never forget how one greedy bird managed to fly off with a whole piece! I wondered if he’d be back for me next

    — Nikolay B.

  • This photograph was taken at a bus stop on the Dead Sea shore while we were waiting to go to Jerusalem. Waiting for the bus in the scorching heat in the un-populated desert was an unforgettable (if trying) experience!

    — Ann B.

  • We were walking around Cologne and turned onto a street that looked like nothing special at first. Then, out of nowhere, a guy came out of a restaurant and started entertaining passersby by blowing all kinds of crazy bubbles! It was fascinating and we felt like kids again.

    — Olga K.

  • Munich guidebooks suggest visiting the English Garden. We read that you can feed the ducks there and had taken bread with us. But some geese chased the ducks away, and started eating bread right from our hands!

    — Michael S.

  • It was the first time my youngest daughter saw a ship. She just stood and stared as it sailed by. And I remember watching her and thinking how many amazing things are awaiting her. It was one of those unforgettable moments in my life.

    — Nikolay B.

Relonch is designed to shoot differently

Only one button

We got rid of all settings and modes. That way there is nothing to distract you from taking pictures.

A sim card

With Relonch, there’s no need to transfer your photos from an SD cards. You push the button and get photos directly to your Relonch app.

Only the viewfinder

The viewfinder is the best way to immerse yourself in the shot. You only see what you’re shooting and there is nothing to distract you.

No screen

We’ve removed the screen so that you are not distracted by reviewing photographs, but keep searching and shooting.

Book Relonch when you travel

Just tell us where you’re going and book your three Rs: round-trip tickets, room, Relonch.

It just works

You push the button and get photos directly to your Relonch app. No hassles with bluetooth pairing, connecting to wi-fi, transferring files, editing, exporting, etc.

Photo negatives first

Use the B&W previews to figure out which of your photos really do it for you. Which ones transmit that vibe or crystallize that moment you don’t want to fade?

Pay for the photos. Not the camera.

Only keep the photos that you value. They are yours for just $1 per photo. No more un-navigable photo dumps that just take up space.

Back to basics

We’ve all become accustomed to instant gratification, right? Yet we also know that the best things in life are well worth waiting for. Enjoy the process of capturing moments with your friends during the day and get your Remarkable Photos the very next morning.

Alfred Stieglitz and 291

In 1905, Stieglitz opened one of the first photography galleries and shifted the paradigm thinking around what serious art was. This gallery became known as “291” after its address on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Long before Twitter or Instagram, Stieglitz united an impressive community of artists and aficionados at the “291.”

Gift card for printed photo book

Give someone a unique gift: a certificate for a blank photo book that looks like a real photo book.

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Grab a Relonch camera for free and use this gift card to get “i experienced this” photos from your upcoming trip.

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